wedding videography

Serving Maine and New Hampshire, our videographers don't just document your wedding day, we tell the story of your special day through a cinematic approach. With moving shots, multiple camera angles, and creative post-production, we are able to create long-lasting memories that won't just sit on the shelf, but will be watched time and time again. Being as discreet as possible, our expert staff will capture the many emotions of the day while having the utmost respect. 



Highlight videos


We have three great packages to choose from all centered around our cinematic highlight video best represented by the videos above. With each package, you will have two videographers that will be on site beginning with pre-ceremony activities through the reception formalities – no time limitations – and will of course film some of the dancing at the end of the night!

We will work with you to make your dream wedding a reality. Please contact us to save your date, or ask any questions.


• Cinematic Highlight Video
(~5–7 min)*
• At least 4 HD cameras
• Video delivered on flash drive


+ Maine Sales Tax


• Cinematic Highlight Video 
(~7–9 min)*
• Full-length video of ceremony**
• At least 4 HD cameras
• Video delivered on flash drive


+ Maine Sales Tax


• Cinematic Highlight Video
(~7–9 min)*
• Full-length video of ceremony & reception formalities**
• At least 5 HD cameras
• Video delivered on flash drive


+ Maine Sales Tax

*Our Cinematic Highlight Video is a cinematic montage of the most memorable moments throughout your special day, typically ranging from 5–9 minutes (depending on the package, length of coverage, and the length of events throughout the day).
**Our full-length videos (both of the ceremony and formalities of the reception) play back each event in its entirety from multiple camera angles; and includes audio from each event.


$400 | Well-Wishes Video

$300 | Extra Videographer/HD camera

$50 | Each additional flash drive